Hey! Where’s this money going?!

Modern Vaudeville Press is a mission-driven, artist-owned independent publishing company.

None of our team takes a cut of the revenue – 100% of the profit goes back into the company.

MVP was founded on a simple dream – to build a platform for unique nonfiction books that drive the conversation about circus forward.  Books that make academics raise their eyebrows and melt the hearts of even the stodgiest ivory-tower-dweller. In order to make new circus in the future, it’s important to know what circus looked like in the past. In order to make circus disciplines more accessible to everyone, we also focus on producing top-tier instructional materials, written by expert circus practitioners.

So what’s the deal with this holiday boutique?  For one, we just wanted to make something cool happen (and help you out with your holiday shopping)!  Also, we have some major expenses coming up next year that need funding. Boy howdy, do we have an ambitious 2021-2022 catalogue planned!

All of the money made through this sale goes from MVP’s coffers and directly into the hands of freelance editors, designers, and authors for upcoming works.  We have two extensive biographies of famous performers planned (one brand new, one translation from an obscure German book), an incredible study of ethnic and minority representation in the Victorian circus, an upcoming periodical, and a few other surprises planned. These are important works that need to see the light of day — and we’re humbled that we can help make that happen.

Rest assured that buying holiday gifts from us today allows us to continue our work tomorrow!

A note about packaging

We at MVP take the environment seriously.

Whenever possible, orders will be shipped in recycled or re-used envelopes, packages, and bubble mailers.

Some orders might be delivered in multiple shipments.