Discounts for Educators and Student Groups

We’re proud to support the the educational community by offering affordable juggling supplies.

Are you starting a juggling club at your highschool or college? Are you teaching a unit on coordination in your PE class? We’re here to help with high-quality juggling books and discount-price juggling balls.

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Juggling – What It Is and How to Do It has been called “the modern textbook on juggling technique,” and we’re proud to offer low-minimum wholesale orders to our educator friends!

1-2 copies: $22.50/book (10% off retail)

3-5 copies: $20/book (20% off retail)

6-10 copies: $17.50/book (30% off retail)

11+ copies: $15/book (40% off retail)

More information on the book here.


These russian-style juggling balls are made from 100% upcycled materials, and come in any color or weight you need (provided that color is slightly off-brown, sealed with black tape, and 100g on the nose.)

Most vendors sell this style of juggling ball for $7 per ball. What these lack in beauty, they make up for in price.

1 set (3 juggling balls) – $5/set

Additional sets – $5/set

For every purchase, Modern Vaudeville Press donates a set to a community program in need.

Note: Shipping balls internationally is cost-prohibitive – these prices are valid for US orders only.

How to Order

Send an email with your order (and proof of your school’s affiliation) to We’ll have a quick chat, and take it from there! Shipping is billed at cost, packed in USPS Priority flat-rate boxes.

Note: Books are marked as not for resale. Balls are shipped loose (not packaged as sets of three.)