The ball-making lab, in Thom Wall’s basement.

Sets of juggling balls, ready to go!

Sponsor the World’s Newest Juggler!

Thanks to an incredible donation from the Flea Theater in New York City, Modern Vaudeville Press has found itself in a unique position — we have supplies to make some 3,500 juggling balls using mostly upcycled materials.

With this shell donation, we can make hundreds of juggling kits to give away at extremely low cost / free to community programs all along the East Coast.

How can you get involved? MVP is a scrappy group of artists. Artists who, thanks to the pandemic, are out of work with nothing but time! However, the fixed costs (filling for balls, tape, alcohol wipes, instruction print-outs, etc.) add up quickly when we’re talking this scale.

  • A $5 donation covers the costs of making, packing, and delivering a set of juggling balls in the Philadelphia metro area.
  • A $20 donation pays for 12 pounds of iodized salt.
  • A $50 donation pays for alcohol swabs in over 100 juggling kits, for peace of mind in the pandemic.

100% of the money donated goes directly to providing juggling materials to community programs. MVP is a mission-driven company.


New jugglers sponsored so far:

Program Update: October, 2020.

Comments? Questions? Concerns?

Send an email to MVP office manager, Debbie Alnev:

Are you in the Philadelphia area, and would like a donation for your program, library, or something else? Drop us a line, too!

Are you a member of the press and would like to get in touch? Yep- drop us a line!

Not in Philly, but want to get involved? Get in touch, and we can find you a way to get involved!

Unfortunately, we do not ship completed sets of juggling balls for distribution in other cities. The cost of shipping sets or supplies to our juggling friends around the globe is cost-prohibitive, and is the equivalent of dozens of finished juggling sets for the community. We are committed to maximizing the value of all donations we receive. However, you can find instructions (including product links to purchase inexpensive supplies) and give back to your own community!

3,500 plastic shells, loaded into an SUV. Thanks, Flea Theater!

Proceeds from this program help sustain MVP’s commitment to community. Free juggling kits, book donations to community programs, and more.